3 unusual places to visit in California

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Travel California, travel USAIf you are planning to take trip to California, apart from the usual attractions of this sunny state, there are some unusual places to visit too. Take a trip down to the bubblegum valley in California in San Luis Obispo. Two 15 feet tall walls forming a 70 feet long alley are present and people have been sticking their used chewing gums these walls after the San Luis Obispo high school graduation after the Second World War.

The council of the city doesn’t approve of the wall much as they feel it’s ugly and degrading but the commerce council members say it’s good for tourism. The Salvation Mountain is yet another splendid place to visit. It’s the largest outdoor art installment in California. Several phrases of the bible are hand pointed in this beautiful area. There is also an Abandoned Nazi Camp, which has been strewn with graffiti all over, present in Santa Monica, California.

Relishing Some Phuket Time With Family

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travel phuketPhuket is a must visit for every tourist to Thailand. The picturesque island is a wonderful place to relish with your family and little ones. Are you planning for a Phuket trip lately with your kids? Well, the post below discusses the many fun activities you can enjoy in the scenic island with family.

If your little ones love animals, take them for trekking adventures on elephant across the Chalong hills. The elephant rides here promise an unforgettable experience amidst the panoramic Phuket views. Scuba diving is also popular in the clear blue Phuket waters. You can enjoy a whole family scuba diving and meet the exotic marine creatures on the way.

If you are planning for an amazing night out in Phuket, Phuket FantaSea is a must visit. The theme park showcases the exotic tradition and heritage of Thailand with the help of state of the art technology & special effects.

How to plan a perfect tour?

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Tour planning, travel guideThinking of a tour with your family? Then you must make sure that everything is well planned according so as to make sure that your trip goes on well. While planning the trip one thing is sure that you want to save some money and also enjoy the most. Here are some trips that will offer you both to save money while enjoying the fullest.

• Once you have come to a decision of the lace you want to travel you must go for booking the hotels. You will be surprised to know but the earlier you book the more you save is the policy used by the hotel owners. You can save a good amount of money and get better services by booking early. So booking the required car service or hotel services should be made early.

• Then as you have booked all your needs you must consult some of the people in your circle who have visited that place area. They will be a good help for you to decide on the traveling plan of the tour. You can also consult some of the websites where you can go through the experiences of others.
Follow these two simple tips and you can enjoy the trip as well as save some money in your holiday plan.

Top 3 Watersports Available In Maldives

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Travel Maldives, beach destinationsMaldives is one of the most sought after vacation locations in the world, with white sandy beaches these group of islands which comprise of 100 coral atolls in the Indian ocean is a wonderful place to spend your holiday or honeymoon. It is even pretty exciting for thrill seekers with it wide range of water sports to choose from.
Among the top 3 water sports available in Maldives is windsurfing. This is comparatively difficult to the others and is generally taken up by experienced windsurfers, among the other sports are catamaran rides and jet skiing. Water sport like night diving and scuba diving is also prevalent here and gives a great view of the flora and fauna present underwater.

For those who are less adventurous there is the whale watching that can be done in submarines with proper safety features and a lot more precautionary measures. Lagoons also allow tourists to indulge in water sports like water polo.

How to prevent altitude sickness while travelling

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altitude sickness, altitude sickness careOxygen is less in high altitudes and due to that you might feel sick at high altitudes. Headache, nausea, fatigue, etc. are symptoms for altitude sickness. You might even feel lightheaded, breathlessness, etc, in this case you have to be very careful following certain measures.

Firstly, do not change in the altitude drastically. Climb up 1000 ft at a time and take rest. After every 3000 ft take rest before moving further. If you feel even sicker with symptoms like coughing, lungs and brain problems, irritability, etc do not climb up further. Stop there and get back to the place where you were feeling better. Climbing further up in such a scenario could be very risky and life taking. Drinking a lot of liquid can be of great help then. You might even take medicines like Acetazolamide or corticosteroid dexamethasone. But, these cannot be help you from severe sickness.

Experience the Great Fauna of Kaziranga National park

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Kaziranga National ParkKaziranga National Park is one of the most famous national parks of India. It is located in the state of Assam. Owing to the wide diversity of flora and fauna in Kaziranga National Park, it was conferred with the honor of World heritage Site.

It is a paradise for all nature loving people owning to the distinct biodiversity of the place. It has got from swampy marshlands to long elephant grass. It has dense tropical moist broad leaf forests which create a perfect ambience for the existence of wildlife.

Kaziranga National Park can really boast of the wide diversity of the flora and fauna it has. It is mainly famous for the one horned rhinoceros. Other than that there are many animals such as hog deer, Asiatic wild water buffalo, gaur, golden Languor, elephants, swamp deer, Assamese macaque, etc which can be found in this national park.

You can experience the varying flora and fauna of the place, if you visit during the period from mid November to the beginning of April.

Do You Have What It Takes to Visit the Château de Trécesson?

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Château de Trécesson, famous castleWe have all heard legends of the “white lady”. If you have watched TV serials and movies regarding the supernatural, you would know about the legend surrounding the “white lady”. The term “white lady” is a common term used for women who some passersby see or hear from. According to the legend these women (or this particular spirit) stop passersby and ask for a lift and tell them to go someplace in particular or just ask for company. But by the time they reach a destination, the white lady walks over and disappears or just disappears from the back seat.

Apparitions have also been reported all around the world, especially in France. The Château de Trécesson is known to hold the record of the highest number of “white lady” sightings. It is a medieval castle which is present in the region of Brittany in France. It’s privately owned but is open for tourists during the day and evening. Apparitions and screams are reported often in this castle and also people have seen a headless person’s body here who apparently was the curator at some point of time.

Treating yourself to the best of Latvia

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Travel Latvia , EuropeLatvia is one of the smallest nations in Europe and in this world. It is situated along the Baltic sea. Riga is the most visited and famous place in whole of Latvia. Riga is a UNESCO heritage site and other than Riga there are six other places around Latvia, which come underworld heritage sites.

Here are some tips to enjoy Latvia at its best:

• Saunas are famous in Latvia. After a good sauna at any Latvian sauna centers, You can feel cleansed from body to soul.
• Latvia have some good snow topped mountains, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding on these slopes.
• You can enjoy the great Baltic sea beaches.
• Visit the Sp??eri district of Riga, for a unique look into the contemporary culture and architecture.
• For those who love water sports in a water theme park, you should visit the Livu Aquapark. It has more than 40 different varieties of water entertainment.
• Wind based sports such as Kite boarding, Yachting and wind boarding are famous in this country.

Tourist’s guide to Arkansas

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Travel Arkansas, travel guideIf you are looking for an ideal place to spend your holiday with your family, then Arkansas can be a very good option for you. You need to do a proper research before planning a proper trip to the place. There are many places of interest in Arkansas which you must visit to have life time experience. It is advisable to take the help of some agencies or expert personnel to plan your trip properly so that you don’t miss out anything.

Eureka Springs in Arkansas is a very popular place where thousands of people visit every year. The place is much famous for its very rich history comprising of the Victorian homes. The trolley tour that takes the tourists around the city is a thing you must not miss out. There are many beautiful hotels and resorts of which the Crescent Hotel and Spa situated down town is much famous. There are many other places of tourist attractions which are worth of a visit.

Tips to make a prepare a winter vacation budget

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winter vacation budget, winter vacation With the winter season on it is time to pack your bags and go on a holiday. But before you do that you need to sit down and budget your plans. This would help you to understand the approximate amount of money that you would spend and the amount that you will be left with after the vacation. Preparing a winter vacation budget includes many things among which the first is to decide the place where you want to go.

Everyone wants to buy something when they go for a vacation and you should include that in your budget too. Apart from that you should also include the various places where you would go and if you think that it is crossing your budget then you can leave out some place to cut down the overall cost of the vacation. Expense for food is also an important factor that you should keep in mind while planning the budget.